Three rules corporations must follow for a successful Twitter campaign

Businesses are using social networks, specifically Twitter, as a way to step into the social media landscape. In order for businesses social media campaign to be successful on Twitter, companies must follow certain rules. Social media can be an amazingly effective tool and can assist you in reaching a wider and more relevant audience then any other tool if it is used correctly.

Here are three rules corporations can follow for a successful Twitter campaign.

1. Be human and have a sense of humor

Any company can tweet hard facts about their company but who is going to want to check a company’s time line that is not captivating and entertaining while also stating facts. Indeed, twitter can be a very educational place, whereby following the right individual or brand, you can learn from their tweets about a company. However, with that being said, why not be different from competitors and use twitter as a medium ripe with humor and capable of making the masses laugh with a single tweet that resonates throughout individual’s time line. Being factual is great but being funny at the same time is even better, especially on Twitter.

2. Engage your followers

Ask questions; lots of questions. Ask for opinion, input, and help. Be ready to of course reply with a response. Followers are eager to hear professional input, expert opinion, and help via Twitter interaction. It only takes a few seconds to respond to followers tweets or direct messages, but it can positively effect one’s followers list who will share the information that they receive and share that information with their peers or family. Car brands, such as Honda, tweets the kind of content its followers want and like to share. Other auto brands have more followers than Honda has, but Honda gets more exposure on a per capita basis than its top competitors do just by engaging its followers.

3. Launch a fun contest

Contest are a creative way to engage your followers while at the same time receiving new ones. Contest capture followers attention when there is a contest with incentives and recognition. It can attract a lot of new followers fast with a relatively small or large budget. An extreme case but yet an effective example of a twitter contest was KFC’s twitter contest. KFC successfully received a lot of positive attention and feedback from people and the media when KFC decided to host a contest for high school graduate seeking a college scholarship.

Twitter Disasters

In my opinion, if a corporate Twitter campaign goes wrong, it is best to gain control of the situation and take care of the problem at hand as fast as possible before it gets out of control. The company should figure out what went wrong. Twitter is a fast way to get customers feedback. Take advantage of how quick twitter is at receiving responses and hear what various public’s have to say. When something goes wrong, people want to hear an explanation and of course, an apology. Express to customers how genuinely sorry the corporation is. After the corporation acknowledges the problem, handles it and utilizes the feedback it receives, only then can a company work on building its relationships back with its customers.


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